Going Native

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You have watched Cantonese – The Movie and feel more confident about your Canto. Now it’s time to crank up the action! Going Native takes you from beginner to intermediate level – again without really trying! It also takes you around mainland China and most of the world as you follow Public Security Uncle, live cattle and the bumbling ah-Mok and ah-Wai through the wonderful world of Canto. Warning: Contains full frontal nudity.

A few of the words and expressions from Cantonese – The Movie pop up here in Going Native too. Please forgive me if you think they are too easy. It’s just that I think a few things need to be said twice or even three times. 15 years of teaching Cantonese has taught me that.

1. Young, Nauseating Love Like/dislike, love/hate Adjectives: Beautiful, big, tall/high, young, annoying, funny, boring, Those, that over there, Some words about plural (there is no plural in Cantonese except …) Two of something (no, not the same as just 2) Comparing things How to ask for and look at a menu Asking if food/drinks taste good More about using the verb in question form in a world without yes and no The enormous importance of the word THING Verbs: work, look at, write, wash, tidy up, stare, have sex, win, must More about have/not have How to express there is/there are many things to do/look at/ eat and buy This episode, like many others, contains live cattle and is full of various Chinese and Western foods

2. Ah-Mok and Ah-Wai Try To Frequent Prostitutes How to take transport More about classifiers Warning! This episode contains full frontal female nudity! How to use numbers combined with classifiers What kind of …. Verbs: Give, go, cross, pass, dance, hurry Commenting on things you haven’t done in ages Asking questions about the past: Have you ever …? How long does it take to …? Talking about things happening here/there Double negative

3. Miss Lei Finds a Boyfriend on the Electric Internet Look like/seem/be like/similar to Verbs: Read, cook, arrange, live (reside), watch, go online, think (about), feel Adjectives: Dirty, happy/unhappy More about sentence structure Why/because Time words: Last week/month/up (Yes! ‘Last’ is the same word as ‘up’!) Next week/ month, down

4. Financial Crisis Verbs: Know, will, talk/speak, interview, go out, take care of, lose weight How to use all, also, all of, even – which, needless to say, in Cantonese is one word. Adjectives: Enough, rich The mystery of ‘geh’ This evening/ more time words Negative comparison (not as … as …) And a huge grammar point: PARTICLES. (Don’t know? It will all be explained!)

5. Going Native Swearwords!!!! A whole bunch of juicy and rather naughty common Cantonese swearwords PLUS how to write them! Don’t show your mother!

6. Going Native In Time Absolutely all the words that can be connected with time and how to use them properly. The Bureau takes you on a dizzying trip around the entire world to show this. Oh yeah, and including how to tell the time and walk at the same time!

$17 USD

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