Last Friday in Tsim Sa Tsui - oh what a beautiful adventure! I thought only four people had signed up for the Find-The-Pub-Crawl Cantonese Scavenger Hunt Extravaganza, and was just about to cancel the whole thing when I found out there was something wrong with the events site, and that it was actually 18 people who had signed up! Waaaaaaah

I had to come up with a venue, and quick! Who would take 18 Norwegians on a Friday night, and on St. Patrick's Eve at that? 

The China Bar in Knutsford Terrace certainly wouldn't. A shame, because that venue has a quiet outdoor area normally reserved for the smokers of cigars where we did the last crash course, but of course that was only with eight people. Still! Had they been a little bit willing to accommodate the Norwegians, they would have been drowning in Norwegians for life. And don't forget: Norwegians are now officially the happiest (or was that luckiest? Something like that) people on Earth. 

But I found somewhere else, and although it was a bit dark and noisy, after an hour or so, all the 18 knew how to order Tsengdou, white wine and cocktails, ask for and understand the price and to ask where stuff is. Off they went into the seething underbelly of Kowloon, or Gau Long as it's really called. 

And bugger me if we didn't come across a drum set in one of the bars, and bugger me if one of the participants, ah-Bui (Cup, because his Norwegian name is Jacob) didn't know how to play the drums, and that with flair! Brilliant. What a great night. And talking of great, the wonderful Miss White was there to keep me company again

Thank you Linda. Thank you, Cheyenne! And thank you, beautiful Norwegian youth. 


白小姐 (Bak Siu Jeh) Miss White

挪威 (Loh Wai) Norway

後生人 (Hau Sang Yan) Young People





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