The beautiful Kasa, a 'new old' cha chanteng in Wellington street. After I lost my beloved Honolulu to the rising rent in Hong Kong (as well as them employing really bad staff) I have been pretty much milling around in the wilderness, but fortunately the cool and happening Kasa has come to my rescue. 

Beautiful interior, weird drinks (have you ever had pineapple and ginger juice?) kind, service-minded staff. What's not to love? Now we only need to fill'er up every day. 

And now I have a new 'victim', a young man called Ben, desperately seeking fellow course members to learn Cantonese for beginners. It's the old story of course, with his colleagues advising him not to learn Cantonese because "it's too difficult for him". No, I say. No! It's not "too difficult" for anybody. Especially not for people like Ben, who is ready to face down the opposition and nay-sayers. I have been doing that for more than 20 years, so I'm ideally placed to give you tips on how to get around the dreary old untruths about Cantonese. 


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茶餐廳 - cha chan teng (greasy spoon)

威靈頓街 - Wai Leng Dun Gai (Wellington street)

菠蘿姜汁 - Bo lo geung jap (Pineapple and ginger juice) 

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