Cantonese - The Movie

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"DID YOU KNOW THAT Cantonese has no word for YES or NO?

But… but how can this be? you're probably thinking. Without yes and no, how can you answer Yes/No questions? It's easy! Just download Cantonese – The Movie and all will be explained.

Now you can learn Cantonese without really trying. Just let Happy Jellyfish Language Bureau take you through the paces – we’ve been there, done that so you won’t have to – while you sit back and suck on a well-earned cigar.

Episode 1: Explanation to the mystery above: How can a language not have Yes/No? You’ll laugh when you see how easy it is. You learn how to order beer in a bar and basic grammar, notably the two most important verbs in Cantonese: To BE and to HAVE

Episode 2: You learn how to order stuff in a restaurant and there’s some cultural stuff about tea. You learn pronouns and some more important verbs like WANT, counting to 10 and saying thanks.

Episode 3: The all-important ‘In A Whorehouse’. You learn how to go whoring or gigoloing in Cantonese (can be transferred to shopping) and more verbs. Cantonese is extremely verb-driven, but there is no plural, past tense or anything like that. One word fits all. You learn to ask “how to” (see Introduction chapter as well)and ask How Much. There’s also a quick introduction to Chinese characters for those who are interested. (Recommended) (Anyway the characters are the easiest part oof the language if you ask me). Warning: Some rudeness

Episode 4: Classifiers. What, you don’t know what they are? Watch the episode and you’ll see! Warning: This episode contains polite phrases and small talk, unfortunately during drunkenness.

Episode 5: Who, which one, what etc. Question words, in fact. More verbs like UNDERSTAND and to LIKE. You meet the long arm of the Hong Kong law Mister Public Security Uncle for the first time.


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