Today’s* Weather Condition: 太陽

(*Not “the weather today” as it’s again: FOGGY AS HELL! 有好大霧呀!Yao hou dai mou ah!) In fact this morning it looked like this:

No, I was thinking of the weather, some weather, a weather (天氣)(Tin hei) last week, namely this:

有太陽 (yao tai yeung) Have sun. 楊 (yeung) is the yeung in 陰陽 (yan yeung) – yin and yang. 太 (tai) means supreme. So “the sun” means something like: Supreme masculine force! Cool? Or what?
There is another word for sun, namely 日(yat). That has come to mean “day”, as in 今日太陽好犀利呀 (gam yat tai yeung hou sai lei ah) Today the sun is formidable (strong).

I’m putting this here as a not so subtle message: Enough with the damned fog!

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