Beautiful Day On “Dark” Side


It’s so much fun to have friends visiting Hong Kong, especially when the day they arrive kicks off a week of unprecedented beautiful weather!


I shouldn’t say unprecedented; the weather was probably like this every day in the olden days. Yeah, so it’s hot – so what? I would really really really recommend that you get your arse over to the Ozone Bar on the 118th floor above “Kowloon” (Gau Long) Station for the most magnificent vista currently available from not a plane.


For me the most exciting thing was seeing both sides of Hong Kong Island simultaneously! I didn’t realise it was so narrow.


Only when the bill came did we realise that in that place (with, having the most beautiful view in Hong Kong, also strangely sports some of the worst interior decorating in the city) a pint of beer is $165. But hey! Definitely, definitely worth it.

If your friends are threatening to visit, tell them to come NOW and go straight to Ozone Bar. (The Peak is good too but with too too many people queuing up for the cable car. Taxi is the way to go here.)


山頂 – Saan Deng (The Peak)
一百一十八樓 – Yat baak yat sap baat lau (118th floor)
香港島 – Heung Gong Dou (Hong Kong island)

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