Ahhhrghhhh! So Sorry Sorry Sorry I Haven’t Said This Before!

Well, I haven’t not said it before but only to a handful of people: if you’re a student of mine studying at the hallowed halls of Honolulu or just want to go to legendary Honolulu Coffee and Cake Shop anyway for some coffee or cake (or both. Or a duck)


whatever you do, don’t take a taxi to Stanley street! Two days ago my student tried to go from Tai Gu (“Koo”) to Stanley street by taxi. It took him more than an hour!


It was because he said “Stanley street”. The driver will then go through the most heavily trafficked area of Wan Chai and down Queen’s Road, which takes half an hour in itself, before it wings its way up D’Aguilar street and the over-packed Stanley street. Madness!

No, what you have to do is tell the driver to go to The Centre. 中環中心 (Jung Wan Jung Sam – Central Centre). That way he’ll go down Connaught Rd and through a couple of tunnels, taking you up Jubilee street from whose corner you can easily dash up to Honolulu under the escalator.


I’m so sorry! I should have told everybody the first day we met. Consider me self-chastised.

士丹利街 (Si dan lei gai – Stanley street)
檀島咖啡餅店 (Tan Dou Gafe Beng Dim – Honolulu Coffee and Cake Shop)
太古 (Tai Gu – Tai “Koo”, Swire)
干諾道 (Gon Lohk Dou – Connaught Road)
大道中 (Daai Dou Jung – Queen’s Road Central)

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