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About Us

About Us

Hi, my name is Cecilie and I'm a Cantonese fundamentalist, meaning I aim to put the FUN back in MENTAL.

I have been working tirelessly for many years to put Cantonese where it belongs: On top of the linguistic food chain. Yes, I want full world domination (supremacy) for Cantonese, while of course allowing the other languages to live too.

To achieve this not unreasonable goal, I do hand-to-hand language instruction for groups and individuals, I make Cantonese instruction videos and film documentaries from Hong Kong and mainland China, I write articles for South China Morning Post and I write books. I make podcasts for RTHK and for my own channel, and I do a little blogging in my spare time.

Oh, and I arrange dinner parties and cook Sichuan food on my roof overlooking the South China Sea.

Canto forever! Cantonese rules!

Cecilie (pronounced 'Cecilia' - NOT Cecile!)

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