You have watched Cantonese – The Movie and feel more confident about your Canto. Now it’s time to crank up the action! Going Native takes you from beginner to intermediate level – again without really trying! It also takes you around mainland China and most of the world as you follow Public Security Uncle, live cattle and the bumbling ah-Mok and ah-Wai through the wonderful world of Canto. Warning: Contains full frontal nudity.



"DID YOU KNOW THAT Cantonese has no word for YES or NO? But… but how can this be? you're probably thinking. Without yes and no, how can you answer Yes/No questions? It's easy! Just download Cantonese – The Movie and all will be explained. Now you can learn Cantonese without really trying. Just let Happy Jellyfish Language Bureau take you through the paces – we’ve been there, done that so you won’t have to – while you sit back and suck on a well-earned cigar.


Everyone who has working tastebuds will surely agree that Sichuan food is the best of all food, not only in China but in the world. Sadly, many restaurants call themselves Sichuan without being the real thing. So why not avoid disappointment by learning to cook it for yourself? It’s easy!



Would you like to travel around China but are worried about your Mandarin being not up to scratch (or non-existent)? Now you can get all the Mandarin words and expressions needed for getting around the Middle Kingdom in this handy video which covers train and bus travel, hotel stay, eating and drinking and other situations you might find yourself in when you, like us, are going to for example Hong Kong to Kazakhstan, by train...

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Now you can own both Cantonese - The Movie and Going Native in this special bundle. Take your Cantonese from complete beginner to an intermediate level without even trying! Let Happy Jellyfish Language Bureau take you on an adventure through all things Canto with some interesting places and characters thrown in along the way.

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