We Are Flogging, We Are Flogging ….

So I have this book, right? Don’t Joke On The Stairs. The title is based on a sign I saw in Gansu once, in the staircase of a language school.

“Avoid the exchange of jokes while using the stairs, and don’t concentrate on steps that cause trip and fall.”

That pretty much summed up the whole China thing for me. Full of excellent rules and great English, helpful yet stern, and not a little surreal.

It’s also full of tips about how to learn Cantonese and overcome the particular difficulties that white learners of Cantonese face in this strange and wonderful but occasionally frustrating town.

If you like my blog, you’ll like my book. If you hate my blog, you won’t be reading this anyway.
It’s better for everybody that you buy it directly from me, to be honest. Then you can get it signed, and delivered (by post) and… and … well, it’s just better.

Christmas is coming up and I’ve been told by many that Don’t Joke is the ideal gift! Full of information and with shiny colour photos, it is the authoritative book on surreal China today.