Scary As! Watch At Your Own Risk

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I had forgotten how much I like making films, and how those I cast in the various roles grow to hate go on to mega-stardom.

Take one of the girls in this Halloween-themed film for example:

After her screen debut she realised she had a real talent for arts, and is now an artist! Among other things. She also returned to Cantonese lessons last week, to great applause from the three guys (“geezers”) in that group. Beauty and talent, can’t be beat.


While shooting the film, there was an incident. As I was dragging the suitcase with the “bloody” rubber foot sticking out, I met a bunch of primary school children and their teachers. One of the teachers is an acquaintance of mine, and later told me that the other teachers had been discussing whether they should call the police, because I “might have murdered someone”.



鬼節 (Gwai jit – Ghost Festival/Halloween)
老師 (Lou si – teacher)
拍戲 (Pak hei – shoot film)

Now you can be in a film and go on to follow your dream too! Just take a Cantonese crash course or regular lessons.