Succulent Sichuan Dinner in Beautiful Surroundings

From June 10, 2017 18:30 until June 10, 2017 23:00

Ma Po Doufu (above) Gong bao Chicken, heavenly pork dumplings with the best dip east of Chengdu, beautiful dark red bean-thread noodles sprinkled with pork, oh! Sichuan food really is the best in the world. And the chillies aren't there to burn your tongue off, but just to give colour and a certain je ne sais quoi. 

Even chilli-phobes love the Sichuan food you can get right here on Lantau Island, on a roof terrace overlooking the South China Sea.

With a dewy Tsingtao as accompaniment, the stage is set for a great dinner with friends - or meeting new friends. 

Maximum 16 people - oh, all right, 18 if slim...



Please register soon because my usual market has closed down and it's much more difficult and time-consuming to shop for ingredients. 





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