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好忙呀! Busy!

Chillies red small

I’m cooking for eight people tonight and I’m really looking forward to it. I will make Beer O’Clock Dumplings, IMG_1428

Chicken a la Water BuffaloIMG_1588

and Kung Fu Cucumbers, IMG_1417

– among other things. Five other things, in fact.

Now my Sichuan cookbook CHILLies! Sichuan Food Made Easy 

will soon be available online from various platforms. Until then, swing around Pui O this month and sample some, I have to say, very good and wholesome Sichuan food. And beer! Beer is included.


八個人 (baat goh yan – eight pieces people)
川菜 (chyun choi – Sichuan food)
功夫 (gong fu – kung fu)
辣椒 (lat chiu – chilli)

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