Banjo and Buffalo

I took up the banjo partly to understand what it’s like to learn something new, better to sympathise with my students. Now more than ever I see the importance of practise. I have been practising almost every day but not for hours and hours. If I had, the results wouldn’t be as meagre as above. BUT ten minutes a day is better than one hour every six days!

I can’t stress it often enough: If you want to speak passable Cantonese, you have to speak it every day. Every single day.

Last month I had lots of American visitors and here (in the film) are three of them. “We want to make films, we want to make films” they cried. All right, I thought, let’s start at the airport and jolly well continue throughout their stay.

Unfortunately it rained almost solidly for the two days they were here, and the wetlands scenes were shot in a few seconds. Cheers, the Beck Shoup gang! You did the best you could under the circumstances.

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