National Day Extravaganza

October 1st has just gone but all of Hong Kong warmly and resolutely and enthusiastically

Learn Cantonese, Dammit!

The other day, one of my Cantonese students said to me (no name; in fact

A Movable Feast (But not very far)

Saturday night! What a brilliant night. Above is the table just before the hordes (12

Love Craft Beer? Love Buffaloes? Come to Pui O!

Interview with Chris Riley, owner of the excellent Water Buffalo restaurant in Pui O. Now

Bunk Demythed! I Mean Myth Debunked!

Last weekend a group of three ecstatic revellers hopped on the ferry to Jung Saan

Guangdong Province! The Best Province with the Best People. It’s Yuge!

Guangdong is the best province in China, and not because of Cantonese! It’s got the

Hainan Highlights and Playing on a Swing

Last night I had a wonderful time in Central with my friend formerly known as

CantoNews 8!!! Live from Garden Cafe (With Sandwiches)

What does this photo of an excellent and ridiculously inexpensive haircut have to do with

Wild Shenzhen Extravaganza

I always have a good time in Shenzhen’s famed Lo Wu Shopping Centre, even after

CantoNews: Cecilie and Nick Venture Forth to Graze

… all the way to the throbbing metropolis of Mui Wo – La Pizzeria to

Farewell, Dave Swarbrick

My heart didn’t stop exactly, but I had to swallow hard a couple of times

Different For Chinese

As I was looking through my old columns from South China Morning Post trying to

Chillies! Sichuan food made easy

Everyone who has working tastebuds will surely agree that Sichuan food is the best of all food, not only in China but in the world. Sadly, many restaurants call themselves Sichuan without being the real thing. So why not avoid disappointment by learning to cook it for yourself? It's easy!

Going Native

You have watched Cantonese – The Movie and feel more confident about your Canto. Now it's time to crank up the action! Going Native takes you from beginner to intermediate level – again without really trying!

Warning: Contains full frontal nudity.

Cantonese – The Movie

“DID YOU KNOW THAT Cantonese has no word for YES or NO?

But… but how can this be? you're probably thinking. Without yes and no, how can you answer Yes/No questions? It's easy! Just download Cantonese – The Movie and all will be explained.

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