A Victory

I just have to post this comment from one of my students, ah Laan, here. She, as well as I and everybody who’d ever attempted to take on the Canto, has fought through being answered in English, no matter what she said, for weeks. But then: “...Great victory today in the vida Canto - I often visit the small shop near our apartment for juice or snacks and always greet the proprietress in Cantonese. She greets me in English then responds to my statements - "How much is this" or "I don't need a bag" in English. But today - VICTORY! I went down to buy a beer, said hello (she answered me in Canto), asked how much it cost (she answered me in Canto), and said I didn't need a bag (she got a huge smile andwell, she said something in Canto that I couldn't understand), but dammit! It worked! It finally worked!.”

It does work. Believe me. As long as you don’t back down, break down or give up.

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