A Pox on Sunny Vision and all their Descendants

I was hoping I’d never have to write this (again) but here it is: My blog www.chinadroll.com has disappeared from view, and it’s SO not my fault. I was a customer of theirs for 3 1/2 years, paying them shitloads of money, did what they told me to do and generally shut up and put up.

Two weeks ago I wanted to move my blog to a different, better and much more reasonably priced host; the one that’s hosting this website in fact. (For during the 3 1/2 years Sunny Vision has been hosting me, they have shown themselves to be staffed by … possibly orangutans? And not the one million ones that together could hammer out Shakespeare either. The orangutans that were thrown off the Ark for being too ape-like.)

I sent an email to Sunny telling them to bill me for whatever it costs to move to a different host, as well as giving me the password etc to pass on to my computer guy.
They shut down my blog that minute. That’s right, couldn’t even keep it there for a couple of hours while the excellent Stephane worked his magic.

There is a post about this from two years ago on my other blog, which is currently floating up there in the stratosphere somewhere, waiting for permission to land. Meanwhile I’ll just have to rely on text messages and nailbiting.

WHATEVER YOU DO, never go into ANY kind of economic partnership with Sunny Vision! They should be called Sunni.

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