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You Have People, I Have Space and Music | Happy Jellyfish

You Have People, I Have Space and Music

The 15th of April was the 100th anniversary of Titanic’s tragic demise, and I wanted to commemorate in style, with the old roof garden decked out in its finest gear, and with a live orchestra.

It was a hoppingly successful party and people really loved the live music. Too bloody right, as they cost heaps.

Anyway – then I had an idea. Here I am with this huge roof garden, almost 700 square feet, overlooking the South China Sea, but only do about five parties a year! What a waste. This roof (and the rest of the house) is actually an excellent party venue for everyone.

There’s lots of room to dance

play and sing with gusto

and I can cook Sichuan or Norwegian food, all served impeccably, whether sit-down meals or buffet

(that’s right, those are my live-in butlers).

You don’t want the hassle of having your party at home, and hiring a hotel or event room for events is so expensive and also boring! Here in Happy Jellyfish People’s Democratic Language Gaff, a.k.a Lo Uk Tsuen Country Club, your guests will have a unique experience no matter what the occasion. Near beach and hiking paradise, Lo Uk Tsuen Country Club is the perfect party venue for every bash!

We can do up to 50 people, and can provide Bagpipe Player, Irish Band, String Orchestra and African Drum Band. En suite hotel room provided. Come to Pui O for that special day, for the memory of a lifetime.

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We come to your office while your colleagues are working! Your company pays for lessons but you will still be able to participate in all the leisure activities the Language Bureau offers such as language seminars in Shenzhen and Guangzhou, film making, podcasting etc.

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It’s more fun to study in a group, that can’t be denied. Group study is less intense than one-to-one lessons and there’s even more laughter, joy and frivolousness, as well as social life.  And of course the price is much lower. Although sticking to a set time and place every week (or twice a week) is the best, the Bureau tries to accommodate everybody and with enough notice, the times can be changed if the other group members agree.


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