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Wild Shenzhen Extravaganza | Happy Jellyfish

Wild Shenzhen Extravaganza


I always have a good time in Shenzhen’s famed Lo Wu Shopping Centre, even after several hours of “missy missy looking, you buy sunglass okay.” Still, I could really do with less nagging. My student ah-Si and I wondered how many thousands and thousands of yuan more they could have made out of us, had they not at every turn hounded us out of their shops with their incessant “missy-missy”ing… But that’s probably just as well. How many handbags does a woman really need, after all.


After an impressive display of Cantonese on the 5th floor where we both bought materials, the full splendour of which will soon be displayed on these pages, it was off to my tailor on the 3rd floor for some measuring and fulsome praise of our figures. (Too right!)


I had noticed several weeks earlier that a new Sichuan restaurant had opened not far from the shopping centre, and although the 川 (short for 四川,Sei Chuen) had an ominous 粵 (Yuet, the ancient name for Guangdong province) next to it, we thought we’d give it a go.

As expected, it was basically Canto slop with chillies thrown in, but one of the dishes, Lotus Root with Something (after eating several, we couldn’t decide whether the Something was fish or pork) was superb, out of this world and great.


Satisfied! We did everything we came for including buying Sichuan spices and buying a new ceiling fan for my roof.

So now you can book a Sichuan meal for minimum 8 people the rest of this month and early September. The fan is incredibly effective and I’ve just changed my gas canister! It’s all systems go.

羅湖商業城 – Lo Wu Seung Yip Cheng (Lo Wu Shopping Mall)
布 – Bou (material, cloth)
手袋 – Sau doi (Handbag)

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